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Following the launch of the Faith in Action program model, a new form has been created that will allow reporting for most of the Supreme-recommended programs. This new form will replace 24 individual report forms, streamlining the number of forms council officers are expected to use. 



  • Submit one report form per program.

  • This new form is an optional addition for any reporting on Featured Programs, Free Throw Championship, Soccer Challenge, Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, or Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest, which each have their own report forms that are required to be submitted.

  • Save copies of all report forms to assist with the completion of the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and the Columbian Award Application (#SP-7).

  • Use your Fraternal Leader Success Planner (#5033) to help document the number of programs, events, charitable hours, and distributions throughout the year.

  • When calculating service hours, remember that family members and volunteers assisting the Knights can be counted towards your totals.

  • Reporting should be done in whole numbers only – do not report fractions of hours or spare change. 


The "Council Donation Survey Report" should be submitted to the Manitoba State Office by participating councils annually after September 1. 

Do you know a woman or youth in trouble? Always good to be prepared to help!

Life Culture maintains a very helpful resource guide for women & children in crisis in Manitoba.. 

  • Pregnancy; Woman's Shelter; Housing; Clothing; Food; Depression; Grants; etc.

Life Culture Logo - Black Text Horizontal.png

How To Do A Successful Charity Drive...

If you want to organize a community event, such as a fundraiser or charity run, to raise money for a cause that helps those in need, this useful guide will give to a great start to make this happen!  

Websites of the Archdioceses of Manitoba

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Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 2.56.04 PM.png
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Do you have a Health Care Directive & Health Care Proxy form(s) filled out for you and your spouse?

Learn the importance of these two forms. Begin to fill them out for the benefit of you and your loved ones. Learn how to host a workshop for your council or your parish community. 

The video, "Introduction to Health Care Directives" is a one-hour audio-visual program with presentation materials.To request a recorded presentation for your Council or Parish audience, please contact the Manitoba State Office.

This presentation can be emailed and run off a computer in front of your audience! 

If required, we will provide assistance with set-up and presentation.

Tri-Diocesan NWLF Website

Did you know that the three Archdioceses of Winnipeg, St. Boniface, and the Ukrainian Archeparchy share a website on issues and events for the Culture of Life and Family? The domain name is


Knights of Columbus -  Supreme Offices

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The Catholic Foundation of Manitoba

The Catholic Foundation of Manitoba helps those who believe in Catholic values to fulfill their vocation to serve the Church and Society.  We support organizations that care for the needy, better the situation of the underprivileged, educate the young, and other charitable works in the Catholic tradition across the province. The domain name is

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Prayer for a Deceased Brother Knight (English-Francais)

Do you know a Brother Knight who has passed away recently or even years ago?

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