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Faith Program Suggestions

Below, you will find some Faith Programs that we encourage your council should consider.


St. Joseph Icon

Every few years, the Knights of Columbus selects an Icon of a Saint, whose Patronage is particularly inspiring to the Knights and their Communities.  For the period of 2021-23, The St. Joseph Icon has been chosen to serve as a centerpiece for Prayer Services in Parishes throughout the Order.

Quoting the Papal Message at the 139th Supreme Convention (2021): “St. Joseph’s example of ‘creative courage’ in the fulfillment of his Vocation as father of the Holy Family makes him a particularly good model for all those men who, in these times of uncertainty and unrest, seek to preserve in fidelity to our Lord and His Church, entrusting their lives and the lives of their families to His Providential Guidance and Care.”

A very useful guide sheet from Supreme can be found here. The Prayer Service Booklet (#5050) can be found at the bottom of the guide sheet.

Building The Domestic Church" Kiosk

Building a Kiosk in your Home Parish, will make our brother Knights and parishioners aware of the activities of your council and the Good work that they do.

Programs such as "Into The Breach", "How To Say The Rosary", "The Pilgrim Program" are displayed so that Our Faith programs are Vibrant. Other Faith based literature is available in the Catholic Information Service.


* Interested in building a Kiosk - start here.

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Supreme's New Program:Cor

"The world needs courageous men to witness to Jesus Christ. Cor exists to form and strengthen Catholic men in faith and virtue as missionary disciples by drawing them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, formation, and fraternity."

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