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Apr. 27, 2023
Caritas Award Dinner

The Caritas Award Dinner will be held at Petrus Hall, St. Peters Church 2624 Inkster Blvd, Winnipeg on April 27, 2023 . Reception starts at 6pm, Dinner 7pm. 

The theme for this year is: "A Path to Healing & Reconciliation. Creating Healthy Relationships one conversation at a time".


For more details on the program and to order tickets go to the Catholic Foundation of Manitoba website HERE.


Saturday, May 6, 2023
The Final 3rd & 4th Degree
Exemplification of This
Columbian Year!

The next 3rd & 4th Degree Exemplification event will be held at St. John Brebeuf RC Parish on Saturday, May 6. This is the third and last All Degree Exemplification for this Columbian Year.

- Sir Knight Guy Precourt, PSD - District Master of Manitoba


Pictures from the 3rd & 4th Degree All Exemplification Day held at Holy Redeemer Parish on January 28th, 2023. There are so many people to thank for helping to exemplify 28 new 3rd degree members, and 60 new 4th degree Sir Knights.

May 7 - May 14, 2023
The National Week for Life (NWLF)

For the first time in a long time, the NWLF will end on Mother's Day, instead of beginning on that day. The National March for Life in Ottawa will be held on Thursday, May 11. Plans for this day in Manitoba are underway and will be announced shortly.

The theme this year is: Grandparents and the Elderly: A Legacy to Cherish. Our theme follows the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops scriptural focus for the NWLF: “Love one another.  Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” John 13:34.

For more information covering the entire week, please visit the Tri-Diocesan NWLF website.

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 2.43.24 PM.png

Aug. 4 - Aug. 10, 2023
 Special Olympics "Last HurraH"

The KofC International 2023 Camporee "last Hurrah", will be held August 4-10, 2023 at Tranquil Timbers Camping Resort, at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. A few of these camporees were held here in Winnipeg. Many knights and families attended these gatherings here and in the United States. This will be the LAST organized event of its kind. For more information, please contact TOM SCHMITZ,  KCIC Membership Chairman at

1-920-923-1215 or email at


Wheelchairs Needed In
Ukraine NOW!

In the recent “Knightline” article (October 18), Oleg Vorobyev, a brother Knight from Ukraine was highlighted. This brother knight was killed in battle on May 30, 2022. As part of the Manitoba degree team, we visited an army hospital in Ukraine to identify their need for wheelchairs. It was so sad to see so many young men who were seriously injured and in pain.

During our degree work in Ukraine, many of those initiated were young men. They were so happy to become members of the Knights of Columbus. What was truly amazing was their overwhelming love for their country - truly patriotic.

As this war drags on, the need for wheelchairs increases. I appeal to each council and to each member to consider a donation to the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation for wheelchairs to Ukraine. Remember each and every donation will help someone in need.

- Larry Kustra - PSD and Former Supreme Director

Available Now!

Alex Schadenberg was in Winnipeg on November 24 to bring us up to date on assisted Suicide in Canada and around the world. Life Culture recorded the presentation, with his permission. 

You may view the complete video using the button or clicking on the picture.

If you missed Alex Schadenberg's update on MAiD, Life Culture recorded his complete presentation, with his permission.

other events coming up:

Walk the Path of Reconciliation With Us!

Listening to Indigenous workshops will be starting on Thursday , Feb 9 2023 from 7pm -9pm for 8 weeks at St. Paul the Apostle. There are still a few spots remaining. If you would like to join us, please contact Richard Carlyle at 204-990-1334.


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Share the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe and promote respect for life by participating in this meaningful pilgrimage. The Silver Rose program demonstrates the unity between Knights of Columbus in Canada, the United States and Mexico, through a series of prayer services promoting the dignity of all human life and honoring Our Lady.


St. Joseph Icon Pilgrimage

To book a visit to your parish or council contact Richard Carlyle at to confirm availability.

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