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Community Program Suggestions

Consider these suggestions for your council's community program...


Wheel Chair Program

Since 2006, Manitoba State Council of the Knights of Columbus has partnered with the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation to sponsor the delivery of hundreds of wheelchairs to people in need all over the world.

Councils, parishes or individuals are able to sponsor entire containers to the country of their choice. Manitoba has sponsored hundreds of wheelchairs to places such as Ukraine, Poland, Puerta Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Philippines and Mexico. In addition, when the need arises, wheelchairs have also been provided to Manitobans.

Knights of Columbus members and their families able to travel to get involved and to experience a life changing hands-on mission that allows children, teens and adults around the world to have their prayers answered with the gift of a wheelchair! That wheelchair provides hope, freedom, dignity and independence to the recipient.

Please consider the wheelchair program for your council and or individual support. Remember every donation helps those in need.

For detailed information and to donate please go to:

Larry Kustra

Former Supreme Director



Baseball Free Throw

Since 1972, councils have sponsored the Knights
of Columbus Free Throw Championship for boys
and girls from 9 to 14 to provide an athletic outlet
and encourage the values of sportsmanship and
healthy competition. Kids compete within their
gender and age and progress from the local level
to district, regional, and state/province
Council competitions should be held in January or
Early February. District Competitions are held in
February and the District winners compete in the
Manitoba State Competition. This year (2023), the competition was held in March at Holy Cross Gym, Wpg
This program is a great way to introduce the
Order to your community and recruit faithful family
men to service.
For more information contact: Don Petsche,

Chairman at 204-255-2090 or email


Listening to Indigenous Voices

Many of us have inherited the cultural,
political , economic ,social and general
ideals of Christians who shaped it and
brought it to this country from Europe
generations ago.
Listening to Indigenous Voices is an adult
reconciliation workshop that considers
the history and current challenges in
relations between Indigenous people on
this land we all call home.
The program consists of 8 – 2-hour
sessions of open discussion using the
following along with the study guide.

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